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Virgin Hair Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Investment

Please take the time to read this page very carefully to understand how to take care of your virgin hair products.

Our Virgin Hair Products -Are of the highest quality, fully unprocessed, without any chemicals,this hair will not shed excessively, tangle, and will not retain unsatisfactory odors when received. This is 100% virgin hair that can be dyed, and worn in any kind of style. Since this hair is like your own it must be treated as such; so you can maintain the longevity of the hair, as well as the texture,and quality. Follow these steps & tips to complete your beautification needs.

Before Install-

Please make sure the suggested regiment becomes part of your routine when using our products, hair may tangle if care directions are not followed. As each individual product may vary, consult your hair stylist for specific instructions.

  • Inspect the shipment once you receive it remove the hair from the package, thorougly assess each piece carefully, of course we stand by our product but we also want to make sure you are satisfied as well.
  • Carefully rinse the hair extensions with warm water until it has been applied fully to the hair, since the hair is unprocessed a gentle wash, and deep conditioning will help keep the hair looking its best.
  • Co Wash/ Pre Wash rinsing your hair extensions in warm water apply a sufficient amount of shampoo to the hair, whole holding on to the weft at the base, shampoo from the top down, you will also need to condition the hair in the same motion. Allow hair to dry naturally, do not expose to the sun or excessive heat, do not rub or twist the hair. Be very gentle when you are brushing the hair without the proper treatment you run the risk of the hair being damaged.


After Install – Continuous Care

Wash with good quality moisturizing hair products at least once a week, make sure to deep condition the hair, keep the ends trimmed, and always remember heat can damage hair please use in moderation. If you intend to alter the hair for example applying a perm, dyes, and bleaching. Please make sure to test the strands first, this will provide the trial for you to see how the hair will hold up against chemical alterations. Our hair products have not been chemically altered.