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Lemon Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil is a unique serum with instant absorption into your hair and skin to create a beautiful shine and long term conditioning. Also high in Vitamin E, in essential fatty acids, and provide anti-oxidant to the hair in skin. It also protects against UV damage in other environmental factors.

formulated from Argan trees from Morocco. No harsh chemicals added, and safe for all hair, skin and body types. Rich with Vitamin E, A, and Aloe Vera to help produce healthy hair and skin. Why Use? -Free of Dimethicone -Treats dry skin, and scalp -Provides anti-oxidants to the hair and skin -Nourishing residue free formula -Effective moisturizer -Non oily, non-greasy, deep penetrating serum -Reduce wrinkles – Can be used as a conditioning, styling, and finishing tool -Treats brittle, frizzy, and damaged hair.