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Why We Are The Virgin Hair Company For You

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New Year, New You, With Virgin Hair

We’ve been working very hard in 2016 to get ready for 2017. There’s so much we have in store for our clients that we are truly excited to bring in the New Year with you. Our Clients are our biggest supporters in we love you all. A big THANK YOU! and kisses for all the Lemon Heads out here in the world, that constantly send us messages, well wishes, and tremendous feed back on our products, in services; But now the focus is on you, what are you going to do in 2017 to make yourself great? How much would a new style help influence that change? We are here to help let’s bring in the new year with a bang! Now some of you might be saying “how can some random company help me make my year brighter? All they really want is to take my money, especially all these random hair companies that I see pop up every single day on Instagram, and YouTube I definitely can’t trust any of that stuff, what’s in it for me? ” This thought process is quite normal, and yes actually we will acknowledge it as well, we are a for profit company looking to grow and reach more clients like yourselves; but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of community, and don’t listen to the needs of our clients every single day to see how we can be a better style provider to you. As a virgin hair company we source some of the best products around the world, so we can meet our clients expectations every single time. We are  highly accessible mostly because we proudly located in the Greater New York City area, and we are the most flexible when it comes to working with you. We could brag on, and on about our great experiences with our clients, and what we’ve done to put a smile on their faces, so what’s in it for you huh? Well what about giving us a shot at making your New Year’s great! http://www.lemonbeauty.com/shop/

Lemon Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil

Lemon Beauty is introducing a new line of Moroccan Argan Oil. Our Oil is made with pure Moroccan Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera. The 100ml bottle is perfect for everyday use. These ingredients also include vitamins that will enhance your hair, and skin. The oil is free of a chemical called Dimethicone, which is typically found in most cosmetics. Dimethicone tends to excessively dry the skin over time, and some people are even allergic to it. Here at Lemon Beauty we thoroughly research our products to make sure we are providing the best for our clients. The product is now available for purchase, and we are confident that you will love it just as much as we do. Happy Shopping!!!

Hair Extensions-The good, Better and Best about Brazilian Virgin hair

Gorgeous hair is truly a blessing- a rare one. Your hair adds a whole new dimension to your personality,and gives you confidence. Your hair also brings out your inner style in charisma. Unquestionably your personality in beauty starts with your hair it’s the first thing about you that is instantly noticed.

Unfortunately not everyone is gifted with the kind of hair that they want, but with Lemon Beauty’s line of virgin hair extensions nothing is going to stop you from looking fabulous. We have some of the finest hair extensions available, you can easily get the kind of hair, and style that you’ve always wanted.

Several new hair designs are introduced to the market, and the old ones are phased out. The risk with keeping up with these trends with your own hair is potentially inflicting some serious damage that might be irreparable.

The quickest in most cost effective solution to this problem is to get the hair extensions of your choice, and create all the styles that you’ve ever wanted without damaging your real hair. Hair extensions were quite expensive a few years ago, and not everyone could afford them. Now with a variety of options, and merchants available to sell the product, hair extensions have become quite accessible to users all over the world.

Lemon Beauty features a premium line of hair extensions which includes the very popular Brazilian virgin hair. Brazilian hair provides the kind of flexibility, and style most users are looking for, and it’s ideally suited for a busy professional that is constantly on the go. The hair is very long lasting and very easy to maintain.

One of the best benefits of wearing hair extensions is that the hair extensions will protect your hair from harmful environmental factors that can damage it; while also giving you a great exotic look that will boost your confidence.

We’ve all come across a particular hair style that we absolutely love, but often wonder if we were able to pull off the look with our own hair. Perhaps you’d like to know how you’d look with kinky locks? or an ultra-short cut.

With hair extensions you can try as many different styles as you want. You can see how will look in many different colors all without damaging your hair. Some hair chemicals are very harsh in can damage the scalp, but if you wear hair extensions you can have a host of styles without causing damage to your natural hair.

Virgin hair can be worn for varied periods of time; some are designed to be worn for a day, others remain presentable for a couple of months with minimum commitment. Some hair styles are more rigid and have to stay in for a while before you can change or modify them; but virgin hair do not require these kinds of commitments. If you don’t like your virgin hair you can go back to your stylist and have them change it at any time, without damaging your hair.

Lemon beauty offers some of the finest hair extensions. Our exquisite product range includes finest quality original Brazilian, and Peruvian hair in 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26. 28 and 30 inches length. We offer one of the finest hair extensions lines available at the most competitive price.
Lemon Beauty- Spreading the joy of Beauty!


Hello World  🙂

I hope all is well it’s been awhile since we’ve brought you the latest in greatest from Lemon Beauty, and we deeply apologize, because I know our posts are very popular, in our clients look forward to reading them, but with out further ado. We are happily updating today to answer a very pressing question by some of our more loyal clients.

In that faithful question is one that is my personal favorite, “why don’t you guys sell Malaysian, Indian, and all the other textures?” I always look forward to this question because it gives me the opportunity to help clarify something that’s so important to our clients, that I know that they wouldn’t want to sacrifice, and that’s Customer Service.Now one might wonder what does that have to do with selling other types of virgin hair? The answer is this “it has plenty”.

Other shops might sell a variety, but they don’t “specialize” in any. They don’t know the ins, and outs of  the selections that they carry, because they are so heavily occupied with trying to sell a client every type of hair under the sun, that they start to lose sight of the main goal, which is really educating  the client, and providing them with the type of hair that will really fit what they are looking for, and the look they are ultimately trying to achieve. Here at Lemon Beauty we don’t want to do everything, in ultimately causing ourselves to be the masters of none..


Hi Lemon Beauty Fans 🙂

There’s a new trend that’s quickly developing amongst all hair shops in individual hair sellers. Everything is now considered “Premium” we all have the best of the best, it’s luxurious to have our hair brand instead of all the other shops they all say.Those are the claims, and every day unsuspecting clients buy this simple line in believe that the claims are true; but once the product has been used after awhile, we all quickly find out the claims are just that “CLAIMS.”

So what is a customer to do? When every where you look, every thing says buy!, buy!, buy!, because we are the best, since best was the best.

The obvious question is this can we all be “ Premium” and also be the best? The answer is a resounding no! ….granted yes there’s quite a few shops that’s absolutely awesome when it comes to offering great Virgin Hair; but the rest is left up to debate, and the debate can very well end up hurting your pockets.

In that’s something that nobody likes, no matter what we are buying, so what’s the solution how can we decipher the differences? One answer of course is to do trial in error which is very costly, and quite time consuming.Our next option is to stick with recommendations, and for the most part that does work, but not all shops offer the same lines of product that might seem to fit our individual needs. My best suggestion is to look at the entire offering when looking for a place to purchase your Virgin Hair, here’s some questions you might want to consider:

  • What  does the shop specialize in? If it’s everything then most likely they will fall short somewhere
  • How is customer service from beginning of the sale to the end?
  • What is the return/refund policy ?
  • How fast can you get in contact with the seller if there’s an issue or question?

When customer service is not a “Premium” how can we label our products that way, seems to be a disconnect in my opinion, hopefully this has helped dispel some of those myths about every Hair Line being “Premium.”

Happy Shopping Ladies From LemonBeauty.com  🙂


I’m always very surprised when ever I come across clients that don’t know what to look for when identifying high quality hair extension products; and at the end they are left wondering why the hair is shedding, and has lost it’s texture after only a few months of usage. My best and most condensed explanation is just simply this “it’s not real” 🙂  virgin hair has lots of characteristic that can help a client know when they are selecting a great product.

The most recognizable difference is the smell, virgin hair doesn’t have a plastic odor to it, and it’s not shiny, but most synthetic hair extensions do have these characteristics, to see a complete list of what to look for please go towww.lemonbeauty.com.

Here at Lemon Beauty we have taken the time to make sure our clients understand their investment, virgin hair buying can be a very impulsive act, but we believe at the end of every urge you should always feel confident about your purchase.


Hair care is a vital ingredient to maintaining healthy, and beautiful hair. The time we put into finding great hair extensions products, should also be allocated to finding great hair care products. Some of us have a tendency of making “price” the primary focus of our search for any product, let alone hair care products, don’t get me wrong price is definitely important, I will never discount that fact. But can anyone really put a price on value, and quality. How much would it be worth to avoid harsh chemicals that could damage, and  potentially prevent your hair from growing? Obviously there would be no price big enough to prevent that from happening.

The fifteen minutes spent going through the shelves to eventually pick up a product that promises the world but under delivers is very disappointing; but we stick with it because it’s already in the shower, and it will eventually start to haunt us to use it over and over again. So we are now force to think how can we really trust another shampoo commercial 🙂

Especially for African American hair, this can become increasingly difficult, we all know what a beautiful hair style can do for our confidence, now imagine not having the ability to pull off what ever style you want due to poor hair quality, and further compounding the problem by holding onto inferior products. Lemon Beauty takes the guess work out of most hair quandaries including this one. Argan Midas is not only a superior hair care line, but you can use it for your virgin hair extensions which we carry at www.lemonbeauty.com. There’s no substitute for great products never settle.


Most people obviously have sat in a classroom before, and we’ve all been taught something that eventually we would need to take a test for, or receive a review, upon completion. The results we end up with may, or may not be to our liking.

For example we all love A’s in B’s a lot of us will even proudly accept a C, depending on how challenging the actual subject matter is. Anything below a C, majority of us will take a great deal of issue with; but what about when it comes to your hair weaves, how proudly would you accept a “C” when it comes to your hair quality?

A lot of dedicated hair weave buyers don’t really consider this aspect when purchasing hair. Only to find out that the deal you thought you were getting on such great hair; was only lower grade product that the seller is desperately trying to unload from their inventory.

Yes! even hair weaves have grades, the higher the grade, the better the quality, some sellers you run into can have a variety of hair textures, and styles at prices that I would even drool over; but what are you really getting in return, and how long will it really last once you get it. Hair weaves are graded from three stars in up, anything below a three your expectations for the hair should be as low as the grade it self.

That’s why here at www.LemonBeauty.com all our hair weave products are five grades and up, hey we love A’s too!!, most importantly we love handing them out to deserving clients like you.


I know some might be wondering where the heck did that title come from? I’m pretty sure a lot of clients pretty much know where to get great hair extension products, shampoos etc.. But yet I was still compelled…and yes even inspired by a recent incident that happened a few days ago that I felt was important to at least bring your attention to.

A friend of mine referred a client who was in desperate need to get some urgent virgin hair extensions for her birthday, which was a mere couple of days away, what made this more of an emergency  type situation is the fact that the installation appointment with her stylist was on a Saturday morning leaving no flexibility for any kind of delays with the hair, she had recently purchased hair extensions from a private seller out of all places Instagram.

First and foremost there’s nothing wrong with Instagram, in terms of it’s core use which is social networking, but recently a lot of private sellers have turned it into the new Craig’s lists, hocking everything from diet products, and yes even virgin hair extensions.

I love social media this is not a knock on it at all, in fact Lemon Beauty is on most of them Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I definitely understand the power it has, and how it can provide a seller numerous ways to be able to reach large audiences with just a click of a button; but remember my Craig’s List reference earlier though a bit of staple for years in terms of individual sellers.

Craig’s Lists has also been infamous for many many tragic events, and a lot of other unfortunate transactions where buyers have become victims of rampant fraud. For consumers to think all other arenas would be free of this kind of behavior would obviously be silly, there’s been plenty of incidents on social media which a consumer should take into great consideration.

A consumer should always do some due diligence when taking part in these types of transactions, I know this can be easier said then done, when your dealing with a potential purchase site unseen, but I’ve listed a few tips that should help.

-Make sure the seller can provide a contact number, not just an email address
-Always ask for references
-Make sure you have a thorough understanding of their return policy
-Make sure you also have a thorough understanding of the Merchant Services (PayPal) refund policy
-Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to make sure the seller has never been reported
– Technology is also your friend some simple research can go a long way to avoid getting scammed

If your wondering what happened to the client that made the purchase through Instagram, well she didn’t receive the hair, and has recently submitted a claim through Paypal to salvage some piece of that sale.

Shame less plug 🙂 but please do remember you can always shop securely at www.lemonbeautyhair.com


There comes a time in ones life that you must decide whether to go left or right, up or down, east or west, and  I could go on in on, but you know the rest. Your decision is probably based on numerous factors, some very much built on being afraid of trying something new and different.

Some times we eliminate all the positive attributes of trying something we are completely unfamiliar with, by ignoring the process all together. Even though history has shown us time in time again, those who have taken a chance on something new have achieved tremendous results from doing so. I can name plenty of names but it would make this blog a lot longer then intended 🙂

Fear can become an overwhelming obstacle keeping you from being spontaneous, and ultimately enjoying life. Now you all might be wondering how Lemon Beauty fits into this very simple but yet complex equation,…….

well allow me 🙂  your trusty guide to personally advise.

Lemon Beauty is like that shiny new car, bag, shoe, cell phone (that can transport you to a new galaxy with a push of a button) and most importantly your potentially new hair extension supplier; that’s daring you to try something wonderful.

We’ve reduced the risk by going through the long, and hard process of finding you great hair. We know you love that old car, that bag, those shoes, and that cell phone with only a few robust capabilities, and lets not forget your current hair extension seller that has probably known you from the first day you walked in the beauty supply store, or salon, and asked to buy your very first 20 inch bundle.

But here at Lemon Beauty we want you to live a little, be a rebel!!!…you never know you might just love us, we are looking forward to being your second, in eventually your first and only hair extension supplier, to really take us for a spin please visit us at  www.lemonbeauty.com


Hello world!, everybody always wonder’s why the name “Lemon Beauty”? the name for obvious reasons symbolizes a natural product who’s ingredients are rich in vitamin C, and also vitamin B, a Lemon’s acids are good for the skin, and can certainly help with enhancing Beauty. Thus the name”Lemon Beauty” of course we could of called it “Organic Beauty”, “Natural Beauty” etc.. but those names could never match our color schemes 🙂

Whew!! now that we’ve cleared that up, lets put the focus back on you, the spot light was a little too shiny for us. This forum, as well as our site www.lemonbeauty.com is dedicated to entertaining, informing, and educating a growing subculture about their hair extension products, heck you love them, and so do we!! some times though finding the best source for your hair extension products can be a rather arduous task especially for African American clients.

Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” Documentary illustrated this the best, having a great hair extension product goes a long way, and we are truly dedicated to the effort by providing you with the most natural look possible, Lemon Beauty carries a great line of products that takes the guess work out of finding you terrific hair.